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African-American Nutrition and Disease - Where is the Leadership? 

    The June 23, 2014 Time cover story says “Eat Butter”- Scientists labeled fat the enemy.  Why they were wrong.”   Though this is being presented as a new concept; it’s actually been discussed, lectured and written about by cardiologist Dr. William Davis, journalist Gary Taubes, Peter Attia, radio show host Carl Lenore, and a host of other rouge & underground nutritionists and homeopathic doctors.  The premise is simple to explain:  America’s reliance on carbohydrates, wheat, and sugar while blaming fat…Read more

Rusty Barbell/Loss/Passing/Fight& Endurance 

Sometimes when you run into old acquaintances after a long absence; their appearance tells the story before their words do.  Today I ran into Steven.  A twentysometing year-old cat I used to share small talk with at the gym.  He looked awesome; as if he never missed a day at the gym when in reality he hadn’t been in over a year because of money issues. 
After the typical hand slaps and greetings were exchanged; he opened up about being separated from his wife, the problems he was having seeing his son…Read more

Why African-Americans Should Care about The War Against GMO Food 

I’m going to keep this simple and short.
The problem:
GMO Foods

What are GMO Foods: foods produced from genetically modified organisms.  They have had specific changes introduced into their DNA via chemical, radiation, and mutation engineering techniques.

In Layman’s terms- its corn, wheat, veggies and fruit (etc..) that have been zapped or injected with weird shit to make it grow faster, more abundant, and look good.  However nothing good happens when you mess with Mother Nature.  God made everything…

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Piano Lessons, Jealously, and Fighting For Your Goals  

I remember sitting in front of my mother’s maroon piano.  Seconds seem like hours and hours seem like days.  “Practice,” yelled my grandmother from the other room.  Thus, I commenced to play Schubert, Chopin and Mozart.  Wishing I was outside at the same time.


The experience; to sum it up – I hated it!


I didn’t like the piano, I didn’t like practicing the piano, and I had stopped wanting to learn after the first month I got started.  Piano lessons were like quarter machine gum: after a few chews…

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Love Letter to Black Women about Health and Obesity 


Over the past few weeks I’ve come across various statistical reports which say that half of African American women in this country are obese (49.5 percent to be exact), diabetic, or both.   Initially ladies; I discounted this as nothing but inaccurate statistics.  Ballooned up numbers trying to make black women look bad and feel worse.  But then I started paying attention and asking questions like -   -Why when I visit my aunt in the nursing home there are more of you than me? -When I go to church… Read more

African-Americans, Disease, Solutions, Lifestyle and Death- Part 2. Native Americans and Africans 


Genetics is one of the cornerstones of treating and understanding disease and cancer. Knowing what cells and diseases your parents and grandparents had helps immensely in determining what an individual may be predisposed too.


But; what if learning what you're predisposed to goes back further than just grand ma and gran pa? What if your entire ancestry could tell you what you should and should not be eating? What if all the answers were in the historical development of your ethnicity?


-The Native

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African-Americans, Disease, Solutions, Lifestyle and Death- Part 1. Fast Food 

This is the first installment of an ongoing series addressing the health concerns within African-american community and the diet and lifestyle changes needed to correct those concerns.    
First – The Facts.
-Before age 50, African-American's heart failure rate is 20 times higher than that of whites (New England Journal of Medicine 2005) -63 percent of  African-American men and 77 percent of  African-American women are overweight or obese. (American Heart Association 2013) -African-Americans areRead more

Restraint, Self-Justifications, Dessert, Hats, & Shoes 


You decided to join friends/co-workers for lunch today.  It’s a Monday and you’re super proud of yourself.  You hit the gym hard all weekend, avoided the bad fats, unhealthy carbs, and ate mostly lean protein and veggies.  Consistency is the main thing that’s been hindering your health and weight loss goals and it seems you have found it.  After a lunch of chicken breast and steamed broccoli, your friends decided to order dessert.  When the waiter ask if you are ordering any dessert for yourself- you…

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Marriage, weight loss, your way, my way, nuggets and absolutes 






I know happy marriages where one spouse practices a differently religion than the other, some where one spouse doesn’t practice a religion at all, and others where couples are opposite in weight, height, color, income, careers, interests, or health.  I know happy marriages that have survived addiction, incarceration, inconsistency, and infidelity.  I don’t use the word “happy” loosely.  These are not observations but actual details shared with me during conversations with folks who have been…

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Consistency VS. Transformations 

 Question 1#

What’s more inspirational; the woman that gains 150 pounds and then loses it and looks better than ever?  OR the woman that never gained 150 pounds in the first place because she has always done everything right?


Question 2#

What’s more impressive?  The son that started his own real-estate business from scratch and is now a millionaire? OR the son that inherited his father’s real-estate business and took it from a million dollar business to a billion dollar business?


Question 3#

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Weight Loss, Surgery, Depression, & Your Journey 


A few weeks ago, a story was posted on various internet news outlets about a woman who lost over a hundred pounds but found herself no happier than when she was fat.  The woman had received Gastric Bypass Surgery and when it was over – she still had the same depression issues that she had before she lost the weight.


2 Angles here I want too explore-


The first is “depression.”  It’s so ingrained in our culture to want to fix the “outside” first when the problem is actually in the “inside”.  Because…

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Cookies, Booty Calls, Cinnabons, Muscles, Fats, & Understanding Insulin 


Once a week, you can catch me nose deep in a pile of cookies, cinnabon, or a few slices of pizza.  “Most” times I have just finished my workout and it’s probably late evening.  This is my official Cheat Meal and it’s treated like a college booty-call; in &out with not feelings or attachments - just instant gratification (lol). And it’s extremely important for a number of reasons.


First let’s get the science out the way first and explain insulin.


Insulin is a hormone that enables your body to void…

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Walk, Sprint, Just Don’t Run…….. 

I remember the brief period 12 years ago or so when I got great enjoyment out of distance running. I would get off work, drive downtown to Belle Isle and start jogging. Its 5.2 miles all the way around and I’ve been able to go around twice. My goal was too eventually to work my way up to 20-30 miles and run a marathon. I loved the solace and meditative aspects of it. I got a lot of thinking done on those long runs. And if this is the reason why you run? – Than it should be the ONLY reason!

Do I still…Read more

How It All Started Pt. 5 Weight Loss, Intermittent Fasting, The 8 Hour diet 

How It All Started Pt. 5 Weight Loss, Intermittent Fasting, The 8 Hour diet

What is it- Intermittent Fasting is basically eating all of your meals inside of an 8-hour window. So ideally you would skip breakfast, eat your first meal at 12pm, eat again at some point, work out in the afternoon/evening and eat again at 8. Thus your body is fasting for 16 hours.

Why? – According to studies and real life examples your body handles food much more efficiently when you don’t start eating till the middle of the day…Read more

How It All Started Pt. 4 Weight Loss, My 5 Years Spent as a Vegetarian  

From the end of 1999 through 2005 I was pretty strict Vegetarian. Like a lot of things in my life I was kind of going through a transition. I had found a new church home, became a lot less materialistic, stopped using profanity (that didn’t last long-lol), started to really go through a spiritual cleansing, and turning into a vegetarian seemed to fit.

Why did it seem to fit?

Because I was applying a false train of thought. I was trying to “cleanse” myself and I “figured” meat was dirty, it was processed…Read more

How It All Started Pt. 3 Weight Loss, Low Fat diets, and how Fat won’t make you Fat 

It was an everyday ritual; a memory embedded in the cement of my childhood memories. Every night after dinner, my grandmother would pull out the slippery/slimy bottle of Cod Liver Oil, pour it in a tablespoon, hold it slightly over the sink, and call my name. I reluctantly would get up, slowly walk to the spoon oozing thick and smelling like fish, and take one big gulp. YUK!

My grand ma had one phrase – “This will make you smart.”

My grandmother cooked every day and almost the same things every week or…Read more

How It All Started Pt. 2 Weight Loss, Keto, Paleo, & Everything in Between 

Preface: I am not a doctor, personal trainer, health guru, nutrientalist, dietician, or mastermind.In the grand scheme of things – I’m a nobody; a regular guy who figured out what works for me.

You can all it a Ketogenic diet, a Paleo Diet and some think it’s the Atkins diet but it generally means one thing- Cut the Damn Carbs and don’t be afraid of fat.

The HISTORY- Cavemen (Paleolithic) had very few carbs a million years ago. They hunted and gathered all day and ate in the evening. This was the time…

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How It All Started Pt. 1 Weight Loss, Brain Dump, Clean Slate, & Poetry. 

I remember the days leading up to my first poetry workshop with my mentor Vievee Francis. All I could think about was the mandate she gave me. “Kahn; you’re going to have to forget everything you know and everything you’ve learned about poetry for this to work.” I didn’t understand then, but it makes sense now. I was going to her to learn and grow –not to play point/counterpoint, to disagree, or to give unnecessary opinions. I emptied out my brain, turned it into an unfilled sponge and absorbed every…

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You’re Starting point, Photography, DJing, Weight Loss, and Business 

I remember when I first decided I wanted to make photography more business than pastime. I tore through articles in various trade magazines and ran up a high credit card bill ordering software and miscellaneous photo equipment that I “thought” I needed.

I also had a friend who started a DJ business around the same time and spent all his paychecks on lighting equipment and multiple speakers to go along with the basic stuff he already had. After his first few paid gigs – he learned he didn’t need half the…Read more

Weight Loss Pt. 2 Routines, Cardio, Strength Training & Tid-Bits 

Ok (this is going to be a long one), after many request; I am going to attempt to empty my brain out in this blog post of any and every relevant thing I know about diet, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. I am not by any means any kind of guru or personal trainer. Through a lot of research, I discovered what worked for “me.” So I’m sharing.

First; a few tad and tid-bits…………..

-If all you want to do is diet down for a cruise or a vacation – stop reading now.
-If you think you can just…Read more

Weight loss, Entrepreneurship, Creating, Mind Over Body, and Changing Goals 


This blog post is not about low-fat diets, low-carb diets, insanity, cross-fit, work-out routines, or strength & conditioning training. That’s for a later date. This blog post is about consistency and basically making your mind up that you’re going to do something.  Beginning in 2003; I gained 10 pounds a year for 7 years reaching my heaviest weight of 265/270 lbs. It wasn’t because my wife was cooking good for me (though she was), it wasn’t because I was lazy – it was because I was chasing other goals.

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