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What is "Kahn's hip-hop toy box?"  Well it's urban, pop toys, hip-hop action figures and vinyl figures that I decided to put in funny, political, and interesting situations.  Its really nothing more than toy photography with a hip-hop and urban twist.  Big up to my man's Valid for letting me use track "Validation" and "This Music" of your Reach High album.

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Entrepreneurship, Damon Dash, Guilt, and Understanding Your Personality  

Damon Dash made quite a buzz on the Breakfast Club when he challenged everyone to be their own boss.  Most of what he said was on point but it deeper than just, “not wanting to call another man boss.”

There are 3 big things I would like everyone to think about here.

1.     Don’t’ feel “guilty” if you aren’t the type to start and run your own business.  It doesn’t make you less of a man or a bad example for your children.  Millions of people have the mental stamina to push themselves through undergrad, post…Read more

New Creativity, New Venture, New Road- 

New creativity, new venture, new road.

Looking back; I remember being 12 years-old writing poems in the back of math notebooks,  14 years -old using a GE Boombox, a Radio Shack mixer, and a cheap turntable to record my on raps.   I worked to navigate my way to and through the fields of journalism, stage & page poetics, and wedding photography. and Finally: there was the task of resculpting and reshaping my physique after being overweight for about 7 years , All I have ever wanted to do was create. Thats it.…Read more

Piano Lessons, Jealously, and Fighting For Your Goals  

I remember sitting in front of my mother’s maroon piano.  Seconds seem like hours and hours seem like days.  “Practice,” yelled my grandmother from the other room.  Thus, I commenced to play Schubert, Chopin and Mozart.  Wishing I was outside at the same time.


The experience; to sum it up – I hated it!


I didn’t like the piano, I didn’t like practicing the piano, and I had stopped wanting to learn after the first month I got started.  Piano lessons were like quarter machine gum: after a few chews…

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Happiness, love, Careers, and Sports  


You can look at any of my participation in organized sports from middle school to high school and I guarantee you that I was far from an “impact player.”  Without going into too much embarrassing detail – I really can’t think of any major contribution during my stint of high school football.


However I can assure you that none of this ever bothered me.  Why?  Honestly; I loved the game (football) and that was the only reason I played.   I could watch the game for hours, not matter who would be playing…

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Go for the PASSION not the HUSTLE 


Every so often I’ll receive a request to take “party photographs.”  You know – Tupac/Rolls Royce/Mansion air brushed background type photos.  I’ll very politely decline the offer.  I don’t decline because I’m booked or because I think I’m “too good” for that type of photography.  Trust me; I know several photographers who make 2 or 3 thousand shooting events like that.  I turn those gigs down because I’m not passionate about that form of photography and I look at it as more of a “hustle” than an “art…

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Things the 37-year old Kahn would tell the 18-year old Kahn 

  1. Stop investing money in things that yield you little like clothes, cars, jewelry, & people.
  2. Listen to your grandfather now, he’s always right.  This will save you money & mistakes in the near future.
  3. You’re going to start falling in love with miscellaneous goals and pursing them sloppily.  STOP and think things through.
  4. In about 5 years you’re going to buy your first camera. Learn how to use it and don’t buy anything else until you do (because you’ll be

Crying Son, Sacrificing life, business, Identify, and Being Happy 


I remember the day I went through my youngest son’s book bag when he 6 years-old. I found the usual - crayons, books, toys, and crumbs. As I looked through his school project folder I ran across a school assignment. It was a small stapled construction paper booklet in which he drew pictures of his emotions. When I turned to the page that read, “What makes me sad,” there was a drawn picture of him playing and crying while I was at my computer working. Talk about a guilt trip.
That year was 2009 and I was…Read more

You’re Starting point, Photography, DJing, Weight Loss, and Business 

I remember when I first decided I wanted to make photography more business than pastime. I tore through articles in various trade magazines and ran up a high credit card bill ordering software and miscellaneous photo equipment that I “thought” I needed.

I also had a friend who started a DJ business around the same time and spent all his paychecks on lighting equipment and multiple speakers to go along with the basic stuff he already had. After his first few paid gigs – he learned he didn’t need half the…Read more

The O.J. Truck, Snow Removal, Youth, and Eddie Bauer 

I was 19 and had my sights dead set on an Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. There was just one problem – I couldn’t afford one. I still figured I could use my hooptie as a down payment and figure out the rest later.

While most car salesmen were quick to shoot down my dream – there was one that tried to persuade me into another option. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he was a typical salesman: shite shirt, grey pants, and overly friendly. He called me, and told me he had sometime better than a Explorer but I…Read more