The Importance of People

One of the most important things we can do with our lives is to connect with people that have the potential to help us. This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily be what’s called a “People Person” but you have to recognize when a person has the potential to help further your goals and at least try to reach out to that person. A few examples:

-In 1994 (my first year of community college) I found myself in a basic composition class. After about 1 week and 2 assignments, my teacher (Dr. Willey) suggested that I had a “knack” for writing and I should take it more seriously and possibly work it into my career goals. – I did.

-In 1999, I asked longtime owner of a local photo studio and family Friend (Johnny Burns) to show me a few things about photography. He accepted my offer and did me one better by making me his wedding assistant. – That was the genesis of my venture in the photo business.

-In 2004, after a few stints writing for small circulation newspapers The Michigan Citizen and The Gazette, a fellow writer (Khary Turner) asked would I consider joining the staff of the Michigan Metro Times (a much bigger circulated paper). - I did.

-In 2005 I was looking to take my poetry from “stage” to more literary “page” style work. Right at the time I was thinking this, local and nationally published poet (Vievee Francis) had approached me, felt I should be doing just that and offered to mentor and assist me. As a result I’ve been published in various journals, accepted to a variety of workshops and taught classes.

-In 2007 I was looking to take my photography to the “next level” marketing and business wise. I met another photographer (Marco Antiono) at a local bridal show who exposed me to the national and local organizations I should join, effective and non-effective business strategies, and must have marketing plans. As a result I made even further connections and raised the profits of my business.

-In May of 2011, I was completely out of shape. I was 265 lbs. and depressed about it. I talked to my buddy (Julian Palm) and he without hesitation mentored me on every single thing regarding diet, cardio, and resistance training. As of today I’m 205 lbs., eating good and feeling good.

I could go on and on but my point in all of this is that in all my goals- I either reached out or accepted an offer from another individual who could help me. There is nothing wrong with “asking” or “accepting” support. Most times if a person knows or sees you are serious- they will reach out to you or at least try to help you out if asked. It’s for that reason this website site exist and I try to reach out to as many as people. You have to pass it down and around so we all will grow.

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