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Meeting Redman and Method Man And The Day My Rap Career Officially Died.  

        It was late November 1994 and Redman and Method Man had just busted into BuyRite music on Detroit’s West 7 Mile to promote their separate Def Jam releases (Redman’s Dare Iz a Darkside dropped on 11/22 and Method Man’s Tical dropped on 11/15).  They were doing what was called an “In Store” where music artists would go to different record shops around the country and promote their albums any time they had performances. 
         Red and Meth were cool as hell.  There was no big entourage, Red played a…

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Why Love Jones Was the Most Important and Unique Black Movie of the 90s 

      Many African American movies of the early 90s gave us insightful looks into the culture of violence that resided within the black community.  Sometimes the movies really hit close to realty and other times they were just entertaining.  None were bad movies but all them took used their creative approach in different ways.   
       New Jack City (1991) was mostly entertaining and the portrayals of drug dealers, crack heads were exaggerated.    Boyz in the hood (1991) hit home in a way that made you…

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#FaSho90sBox “My Personal Journey Through Urban Fashion” 

#FaShow90sBox is my story and my journey through urban fashion.  I went from being a kid that just wanted to dress like his grandfather to being a kid what wanted to dress like his favorite rapper.  Because my grandparents were so rigid with money; the allure of the clothes the cool kids wore only intensified. The memory of what you “wanted” can be just as vivid as the memories of the stuff you had. 
So I decided to add my collection of vintage and retro clothes with me and my wife’s childhood photos to…

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