Finding yourself, self-evaluation, and growing

One of the most commonly known phrases of self- evaluation is; “I have to find myself.” While all of us at different points in life began to seek deeper understandings of our souls – what we don't understand is that it's not a “one-time thing.” Finding yourself never stops.

When I was 22 I re-found myself spiritually. Through self-evaluation I realized that I was going to church out of tradition and ritual rather than going to seek spiritual enlightenment. Through another self-evaluation process at age 24 – I realized that I had a tendency to define myself though material things and I was concerned with trying to obtain all the “haves” of the world.

Most recently I discovered that I could never just do “one thing” with my life. I had several periods where I thought I only wanted to be a poet, I only wanted to be a journalist, or that I solely wanted to be a photographer. Well I learned that I don't want to “solely” do anything! I get much more enjoyment and fulfillment pursuing all my interest (business or hobby.)

All should be able to recognize that we mature and we grow as we get older. All of us should seek to mature and grow. This applies to relationships as well. If I ask you were you in love with whomever you were dating in high-school or college; what would you say? You probably look back and say, “I didn't love that person.” But if I asked you at the time you were with that person– you would have said, “Hec yeah, I love him/her!” How we define “love” changes. What we think love is at 19 or 20 years-old is not how we define love at 30 years old.

Honestly this is one of the most beautiful things about the human experience. As long as you're open and seeking growth – you will grow. Finding yourself is not a single event – its something that happens over and over and over and over again. And when you stop finding yourself – it doesn't mean you've “found yourself.” It just means that life is still evolving and you stopped evolving with it.


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