My Grandfather and Real Friendships

    It seems almost anywhere that serves reasonable priced coffee or cheap beer; there will be a quartet of men, late in their years; congregating. They’ll meet weekly and even daily. If you’re a fly on the wall for any of…

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Why Kayne West Is Not Hard to Understand

Writer and blogger Jessica Ann Mitchell says Kayne has a “Frantz Fannon complex,” and his social and racial rants have more to do with him not getting a “seat at the table” rather than him actually caring about social and…

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The N.W.A. Complex, Why Many of us have it

   I know it feels kind of awkward.  The N.W.A. movie is coming out and you have mixed guilt and feelings about wanting to see it.  Let me guess; you’re my age (39).  You grew in the prime of the gangsta’…Read more