Things the 37-year old Kahn would tell the 18-year old Kahn

  1. Stop investing money in things that yield you little like clothes, cars, jewelry, & people.

  2. Listen to your grandfather now, he’s always right.  This will save you money & mistakes in the near future.

  3. You’re going to start falling in love with miscellaneous goals and pursing them sloppily.  STOP and think things through.

  4. In about 5 years you’re going to buy your first camera. Learn how to use it and don’t buy anything else until you do (because you’ll be selling all that stuff on EBAY later).

  5. You eat Coney Island 3 times a day.  STOP!

  6. Don’t get so many tattoos.  There will be more meaningful ones that you will want later on in life.

  7. Here’s a secret – you already know your future wife (and I’m not telling you who she is –lol).

  8. You have a friend that you need to ditch right now!

  9. Buy stock in Microsoft, Compuware & Home Depot.  Sell in a five years.

  10. Learn how to swim, ski, fish, hunt, & hike.  If you don’t now, you never will.