New Creativity, New Venture, New Road-

New creativity, new venture, new road.

Looking back; I remember being 12 years-old writing poems in the back of math notebooks,  14 years -old using a GE Boombox, a Radio Shack mixer, and a cheap turntable to record my on raps.   I worked to navigate my way to and through the fields of journalism, stage & page poetics, and wedding photography. and Finally: there was the task of resculpting and reshaping my physique after being overweight for about 7 years , All I have ever wanted to do was create. Thats it.  Thats what I live to do.

Thus a new project is born -

Primal Immortality is a T-Shirt company for creative professionals, artists of all genres, fitness enthusiasts, and goal oriented seeking individuals.   Its also the hub of my 2 photo series “Got Film?” and “Sonic Boom: A Photographic Study in Old School Hip-Hop Technology.  I basically put all the things I love together under one roof. lol

So click the link, LIKE the FB page, watch the videos, follow me on Twitter and spread 
the word.  Your support is crucial to the success of this venture.

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