Happiness, love, Careers, and Sports


You can look at any of my participation in organized sports from middle school to high school and I guarantee you that I was far from an “impact player.”  Without going into too much embarrassing detail – I really can’t think of any major contribution during my stint of high school football.


However I can assure you that none of this ever bothered me.  Why?  Honestly; I loved the game (football) and that was the only reason I played.   I could watch the game for hours, not matter who would be playing.   I didn’t play for attention, girls, or to be “accepted” or “known” for something.  Of course I wanted to succeed, be in the game, crack the starting line-up, and make big plays but I loved the game so much – participating and knowing I was doing my best held a certain degree of satisfaction for me.


I didn’t know it then but I was learning a lot about myself.


My first year at Oakland University, one of my Communication teachers; Gene Foggle told me; “Do what you love and the money will come.”  I’ll never forgot those words.  At that time, it seemed that I was slowly becoming a “career” college student because I simply didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself.  I had changed majors several times, and really I just wanted a “good job” when I graduated and make a lot of money-lol. 


But Mr. Foogle’s words really stuck with me.  It took me back to playing high school football.  Again, I played because I loved the game.  So I decided at that it was time to start doing what made me happy and that was writing and taking pictures.  I also decided that even if I couldn’t support  myself doing those things- I would define myself by those 2 things and never stop doing them.


I was off and running and the rest is history.  There have been other interest, hobbies, money making opportunities that have came about – but none that I love as much as writing and photographer.   However in in my observations and experiences- most people haven’t grasped this.  I even tell my own children when they’re participating in sports – “you gotta’ love the game.”  If you love the game – it won’t be a chore to work hard, get to practice early, stay late, etc…  If you love your career – it won’t be a chore to work hard at it.  If your love your business – it won’t be a chore to do what it takes to make it become what you envisioned it to be.


I know a lot of you have heard this and I know a lot of you have heard this but still aren’t implementing it-lol.  Now I’m not telling you to quit your job and become a short-order cook because you love cooking so much. Lol  I’m just saying – make time, make it priority to do to things you love to do (weather you are getting paid a lot for those things or not).


Because when you really, really think about it- you don’t want your life be a kaleidoscope of colors where none are your favorite.


Love your life


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