Consistency VS. Transformations

 Question 1#

What’s more inspirational; the woman that gains 150 pounds and then loses it and looks better than ever?  OR the woman that never gained 150 pounds in the first place because she has always done everything right?


Question 2#

What’s more impressive?  The son that started his own real-estate business from scratch and is now a millionaire? OR the son that inherited his father’s real-estate business and took it from a million dollar business to a billion dollar business?


Question 3#

What’s more motivational?  The kid from the hood that got locked up, got out, went to school, turned his life around, mentors kids, and has a bestselling book? OR the kid from the hood that became a doctor and has a bestselling book?

By now you get my point.  But let me preface this blog entry by saying this; I absolutely love a good transformation story.  “Change” and “Come Up” stories are sexy.  They appeal to the possibilities.  They tell you, “just because you’re not there; doesn’t mean you can’t get there.”   The challenge of completely altering the various parts of our lives (or our lives as a whole) is the biggest challenge and risk you can take on.  As Drake would say; “Started form the bottom now we’re here.”  Weather its movies or music – a “change” or rags to riches story is a novel that gets written over and over and over again.


However; where does that leave the folks who have always done it, were destined to do it, who define the words consistency and stability?  The folks who have always met expectations?


Consistency holds its only form of inspiration


-The older woman at the gym who’s been at it since her early 20s is motivational.  She incorporated fitness and diet in her lifestyle and never wavered.

-The senior citizen that amassed his retirement nest by saving 25 percent of his income since his first paycheck is inspiring.  I mean I’m still trying to do that.

-The daughter who cherished her father’s comic book stand so much that she turned it into a store with multiple locations.

-Your co-worker who hasn’t missed a day of work in 30 years.

-The father who has never missed any of his kid’s games, competitions, or ceremonies.  Do you know how hard that is?

-The couple that wed right out of high school and has been married for 50 years.


Consistency holds its only form of motivation. 


Just because there wasn’t a “struggle” to get there doesn’t mean it wasn’t a “struggle” to stay there.  There’s something worthy of holding onto in everyone’s story.


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