How It All Started Pt. 4 Weight Loss, My 5 Years Spent as a Vegetarian

From the end of 1999 through 2005 I was pretty strict Vegetarian. Like a lot of things in my life I was kind of going through a transition. I had found a new church home, became a lot less materialistic, stopped using profanity (that didn’t last long-lol), started to really go through a spiritual cleansing, and turning into a vegetarian seemed to fit.

Why did it seem to fit?

Because I was applying a false train of thought. I was trying to “cleanse” myself and I “figured” meat was dirty, it was processed in dirty factories, its full of chemicals, and it rotted in your body. I was not fat, wasn’t into lifting weights (just some mild distance running) so I didn’t have any physique goals. I wasn’t trying to understand protein to fat to carb ratios. I wasn’t concerned about building muscle, manipulating insulin, or just trying to get stronger. My daily food intake was all veggies pasta dishes, fruits, salads, Boca burgers, and veggie pita dishes. I thought I was being “healthy.”

What happened?

Well I started to gain weight. Lol Though that wasn’t the only reason, it was just a part of a series of actions. I had stopped doing all physical activities or exercise, my lifestyle was extremely sedentary, and I was eating tons and tons of carbs every day. The only reason I stopped was because I got tired of being the only person in the household who didn’t eat meat.

What do I think now?

While I had good intentions – I was pretty stupid and immature in my decisions. I only read 1 or 2 books about being a vegetarian and considered myself an expert. I now understand the importance of the amino acids that come from animal proteins, how animal protein is extremely superior to plant proteins, how soy is bad for you, animal fat is not bad for you, and the importance of wild caught fish, free range chickens, and grass feed cows.

I researched the digestive system in humans and other animals. How humans, lions etc. were made to “eat/digest” meat and how if lions had to live on cellulose (grass and veggies) –they would starve. How cows have a “ruminant” digestive systems and were made to eat grass. I’ve researched the diets of the caveman, paleo-man, and whatever else man you can show me-lol. They all ate meat. There are certain animals that will always need to be eaten by other animals and other animals that will always need to eat other animals. This is life, the food-chain, the eco-system, the story of herbivores and carnivores and a cycle that humans are involved in just as much as the animals.

In Summary

I just look at it as a maturity. Back then at 23 years-old I understood food/health/diet a certain kind of way. Now that I’m older – I understand it a differently now, more better, no assumptions in my approach; just well researched facts.

This time around – my goals were different. I wanted to burn body-fat, build muscle and get healthy. There is no way I could have done that without eating meat. I mean I “guess” you could be a vegetarian and rely on protein shakes for your protein intake. But I can’t/couldn’t. Like anything else – it all comes down to what your goals are.

Eat to live not live to Eat folks

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