Marriage, Perfection, Requirements, Faults and Getting Better

Though I love my wife, I do forget to tell her on an everyday basis. Not because I’m negligent, but more because I take it for granted that we will see each other the next day. I leave my shoes in the middle of the floor sometimes. I forget to cut off the lights in the basement. I hide food. Some days I just don’t/won’t clean up. When I “put things up” – I usually end up forgetting where I put them. Some days I get so caught up in ambition that my wife may not get a decent dose of quality time from me. Some nights I fall asleep on the couch. Other nights I fall asleep while she’s talking to me. I’m not a “bad” husband, I’m just not perfect. And thank God my wife doesn’t require me to be.

Now she does complain about these things and I’ve become a hell of a lot better at than when we were first married. But at this point in our marriage – all of our faults are known and have been acknowledged. I could easily run down a list of all my positive attributes but this blog post is not about patting myself on the back, it’s about always trying to be better.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” marriage. However you can still work towards “perfection.” I will always have my faults. I will always do things that will make my wife question my common sense and my sanity and my wife will always have certain pet-peeves of mine as well. We both expect such. But; at the same time – we both appreciate the work that we both have had to summoned from within ourselves to keep growing as a couple.

That’s why stagnation in marriage is a bad thing. It means you’re standing still and not progressing.

I guess the main point I want you guys to take from this is that you can still be appreciated without being perfect and you have to have the mind-state that you’re going to “work towards perfection” even though you won’t necessarily become perfect.

My marriage is not perfect. It’s not required to be, but I dare you to find a married man as happy as me or works as hard as me.

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