Effort and Results are Two Different Things.

There’s a man around the same age as me that works out at the gym the same hours I do (early a.m.). He hits every machine in the gym twice, he sweats non-stop, he drinks his water, he does his…

Parenting, Repetition, Lectures, & Talking

While telling my oldest son a random story from my past with a notable moral “point” at the end – he gave me the best response ever.

“Dad, you’ve told me this story 100 times.”

That was wonderful…

The O.J. Truck, Snow Removal, Youth, and Eddie Bauer

I was 19 and had my sights dead set on an Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. There was just one problem – I couldn’t afford one. I still figured I could use my hooptie as a down payment and figure out…

Regrets, Parenting, and High School

As parents we always try to make sure our children avoid the miscues and mishaps that we made. A few days ago; I encouraged my oldest son not to “leave anything on the table”
regarding high school. I told…

Old business, New business, Photography, and Loving your Customers

     An old acquaintance of mine has been in the graphic design business since the 90s. He started in his mother’s basement; designing party flyers, and hustling. These days he has a standalone shop, office space, and his business is nationwide…

Random experiences

As I picked up the frozen Toll House cookie dough, put it into my cart – a woman a short distance away, twice my age, opposite my color: gave me a “1 dollar-off coupon.” So my faith in humanity has…

Personal Quote

“Going through the motions” is for your day job. Not for the gym, your significant other, or anything else you consider yourself passionate about.