Rusty Barbell/Loss/Passing/Fight& Endurance

Sometimes when you run into old acquaintances after a long absence; their appearance tells the story before their words do.  Today I ran into Steven.  A twentysometing year-old cat I used to share small talk with at the gym.  He…Read more

New Creativity, New Venture, New Road-

New creativity, new venture, new road.

Looking back; I remember being 12 years-old writing poems in the back of math notebooks,  14 years -old using a GE Boombox, a Radio Shack mixer, and a cheap turntable to record my on…Read more

Our Anniversary, Your Birthday, and My Rant.

     Ok wifey, we are here again. Your birthday and our anniversary and I'm left stitching words together hoping they make sense. Hoping that they can somehow justify how I feel. So instead of writing a poem, letter, or something fancy.…Read more

Bullying, Being Broken, Makes Me Want to Holler



By now the bullying situation between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins has sparked an endless amount of conversations and debates. But the very first time I heard the story, I thought of a book…

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Domestic Violence in Review and Perspective

If you know me or have read any of my earlier blog posts than you already know domestic violence has affected my life.  I lost both parents to a domestic violence situation that has never been officially comprehended.  But this…Read more

Goal Setting, October, and Keep Going

It’s October!  The month of “Indian Summer,” burnt orange leaves, apple cider, hay rides, pumpkins, costumes, haunted houses, and candy corn.  It’s also the 10th month of the year; which means you have 3 months to complete your 2013 goals. …Read more

Piano Lessons, Jealously, and Fighting For Your Goals

I remember sitting in front of my mother’s maroon piano.  Seconds seem like hours and hours seem like days.  “Practice,” yelled my grandmother from the other room.  Thus, I commenced to play Schubert, Chopin and Mozart.  Wishing I was outside…

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Love Letter to Black Women about Health and Obesity


Over the past few weeks I’ve come across various statistical reports which say that half of African American women in this country are obese (49.5 percent to be exact), diabetic, or both.   Initially ladies; I discounted… Read more