Detroit: City of God (Reprise)

    The series of photos known as “Detroit: City of God” actually started one day in 2003 while I was visiting a friend’s church.  It was a rainy day and there were several leaks, the carpet had a bad stench to…Read more

Writing Poems about My Grand Parents and Why


    When I chose to write the poems Gardenias (for my grandfather) and Impatiens (for my grandmother); there were many intentional thought processes at work.  I grew up adoring the way my grandmother loved flowers.   I mean this woman…

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What is "Kahn's hip-hop toy box?"  Well it's urban, pop toys, hip-hop action figures and vinyl figures that I decided to put in funny, political, and interesting situations.  Its really nothing more than toy photography with a hip-hop and urban… Read more

Parenting to your Strengths

My grandfather had story for every situation & obstacle in life.  He constantly used his past experiences to help me (try to) avoid mistakes and guide me.  My grandmother never shared many personal stories.  Most of her parenting was through…Read more

A Glimpse at My Grandparents Marriage

I remember vividly my pop’s words to a friend who tried to console him at my grandmother’s funeral, “It hurt bad having to burry my daughter but losing my wife is different.  I’ve never went through anything like this.” 
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My Grandfather, Athletes, and Me

    To say I wasn’t quite that athletic as a kid is like saying an elephant isn’t quite that big.  I wasn’t fast, didn’t have the best coordination, bad hands, and a little on the clumsy side.  But hey; I had…Read more

Hip-Hop, Parenting, Grand Ma, 1986 to 2014

   It’s hard to believe that in 1986 my grandmother found my RUN DMC Raising Hell tape, threw it away, and grounded me.  She was a Christian and anything titled Raising Hell haaad to be bad.  I remember several months later…Read more