Daughters, Daddy, Valentine’s Day, Communication, and Relationships

I have four children – 2 boys and 2 girls. I love them all and have been doing/trying to build/maintain strong communication and relationships with them both. I’ll be honest – It’s much easier with boys than girls-lol.

Boys haven’t changed too much over the years. We like sports, video games, music, cars and girls. Though my sons are into things much earlier than I was; I still have had the same experiences. I can relate to them and have sturdy relationships with them both.

My daughters are harder. I was never a girl-lol. I never played with dolls, kitchen sets, or make-ups kits. I never switched up my wardrobe 3 times while getting ready for school or had to worry about my hair. Girls are from a totally different planet which means trying to communicate in a genuine manner is a bit trickier. I watch TV with them, play with toys, cook with them but rarely have deep moments of reflection and introspection the same way I do with my boys. While I can bond with the boys over the NBA finals it’s not quite the same with the Disney channel. They’re young (4 & 11) so I have plenty of time and I “know” I will develop great relationships with them because I’m committed to doing so.

But right now – I get to be “daddy,” I get to be their hero. So I constantly focus on setting a good example. They see their mother get kissed when I get home every day, they see doors opened for their mother, and flowers/candy delivered weather it’s a holiday or not. Their mother is my queen and both of them are princesses.

So today – they will get spoiled with candy, gift cards, hallmark cards, other treats and a personal love letter from Dad. My standard of how a man should treat a woman is set and will continue to be maintained. No little boyfriend with bad habits, a deep voice, and a fancy car will ever take my place. They won’t impress easy and completely understand what “love” is because they will see it in action every single day.

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